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Русское отделение INCOSE

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INCOSE Russian chapter product "Towards a Systems Engineering Essence"
ailev wrote in incose_ru
INCOSE Russian chapter have recommended at its 99th regular meeting 28-Jan-2015 publishing of a product “Towards a Systems Engineering Essence” by Anatoly Levenchuk. Actual version of it you can always find in science preprint repository arXive: http://arxiv.org/abs/1502.00121.

Special thanks to Harold “Bud” Lawson who greatly help with ideas, commenting and even editing of the paper. Without him this first English language product from our chapter would have been impossible.

SEMAT/OMG Essence provides a powerful Language and a Kernel for describing software development processes. How can it be tweaked to apply it to systems engineering methods description? We must harmonize Essence and various systems engineering standards in order to provide a more formal system approach to obtaining a Systems Engineering Essence. In this paper, an approach of using Essence for systems engineering is presented. In this approach we partly modified a Kernel only within engineering solution area of concerns and completely preserved Language as an excellent situational method engineering foundation.