Anatoly Levenchuk (ailev) wrote in incose_ru,
Anatoly Levenchuk

Повестка восемьдесят седьмого заседания

Восемьдесят седьмое заседание Русского отделения INCOSE состоится 12 февраля 2014г. (вторая среда месяца) в 18 часов в офисе TechInvestLab (ВНИМАНИЕ! ОФИС ПЕРЕЕХАЛ!) в офисном центре "Ордынский" на Большом Ордынском переулке, д.4, стр.3 (7 минут от метро Третьяковская, Полянка, Добрынинская).

Повестка дня:

1. Доклад Kerim Cakmak (IBM, Rational Systems Tiger, CEE) "Applying Continuous Verification and Validation to achieve the right Quality in Systems delivery".

Abstract: While we know how to reduce technical risks in Systems delivery through Verification activities, our business risk is on a steep rise. This is largely due to the fact that "Validation" is performed at the end of the development life-cycle, rather than throughout, and it is done against customers requirements rather than end-users needs. In this session we will discuss some new best practices around Verification and Validation that were observed through recent successful and even more unsuccessful projects, and show you how to continuously verify and validate your designs throughout the whole lifecycle and not only at the tail end of it.

Not only will this improve the quality of your products and systems, but it will also allow you to converge earlier on the right requirements, compressing the time to end users feedback, and improve your time to market predictability. While it doesn't change the V model, it is a new V.

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