June 1st, 2016

2021 год
  • ailev

Presentation "Predictable development for the Internet of Things" by Richard Crisp

INCOSE Russian chapter and NIAEP-ASE 31th of May 2016 have hosted a public talk "Predictable development for the Internet of Things" by Richard Crisp (IBM Director, Systems Engineering).

The European Union has been funding a 82m Euro project comprising 70 partners in 10 countries addressing the challenges of improving Engineering Lifecycle management and better managing data and information across the lifecycle. The project looked at transitioning from paper techniques to a digital approach to supporting the V Lifecycle to improve collaboration, productivity and efficiency, enabling new engineering methods. This was realised by developing a standardised Interoperability Specification validated by an Open Collaboration and Integration Platform to connect tools and expose and link data in a digital environment, as opposed to moving data around the eco-system into one central repository. Due to the need for strong governance and safety critical demands of the Aerospace Industry we will discuss an Aerospace use case led by Airbus.

Talk was in English, no Russian translation provided.


Video (https://vimeo.com/168851616):